Current PhD Students

Passed into PhD Candidacy

Maedeh Mozneb: PhD Candidate, since 08/2015

My research interest focuses on developing different types of sensors for multiple readouts from cardiac tissue i an Organ-on-chip system. In developing a good enough platform for organ on chip devices for applications such as drug testing, monitoring the health of micro organ within good margins is highly critical. In terms of cardiac tissue, cell’s contractility, action potential propagation, respiration and metabolic factors provide the most important keypoints to monitor.
We have 3 active projects associated with this research:
1. Exploring new non-invasive options for monitoring cells’ contractility.
2. Developing novel nanosensors for real time monitoring of tissue’s respiration
3. 3D microfabricated MEMS based devices for an all-in one system for monitoring cardiac tissues health (metabolic, contraction and respiration).

Xiang (Sean) Kong (2019-present)

PhD Students not yet passed into Candidacy

Lara Dyke (2017-present)