Former PhD Student ( )

Current Affiliation Entopsis

Degree Objective: Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering


09/2002 – 07/2006, Bachelor of Engineering Degree in School of Electrical and Information Technology Engineering, Jiangsu University, Jiangsu Province, China.
08/2007 – 2013 Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering Department (BME), Florida International University (FIU), U.S.

Research Projects

as a PhD student I mainly focused on analyzing new drug (combined anti-cancer drug with optical tracer in nanoparticles) biodistribution in vitro and in vivo. The project includes measuring cellular uptake, cytotoxicity of the new drug, as well as the subcellular localization studies. Right now, I am working with in vivo model. Our group is working on how to translate the in vitro data we obtained to in vivo application. Building an imaging system combining with hyperthermia and testing on animal model would be the next step of this project.