Former PhD Student

I was a PhD student (graduated in 2017), previously I worked on developing and characterizing PLGA nanoparticles for delivering Doxorubicin and Indocyanine Green. For his dissertation he created an in-vitro tumor models with different cell lines and tested the effect of Chemotherapy and Adjuvant Chemotherapy induced by drug loaded nanoparticles. He also modeled the transport of nanoparticles in the spheroids under hyperthermia conditions.

Confocal Images of 90 μm deep sections of Skov-3 spheroids from 2-h study in which spheroids were incubated with PEGCDSIR820 for 2 h and then exposed to laser 3 times. Images were collected after 8 h. Top panel is the image of PEGCDISR820 particles with no laser exposure. DOX fluorescence is concentrated around the periphery. Bottom panel shows image of PEGCDSIR820 particles with laser exposure. DOX and DAPI fluorescence is more diffuse in the spheroid following laser exposure compared to the no-exposure group. Scale bar is 100 μm.

Brightfield Image showing the compact structure of 5 day old Skov-3 spheroid (left). Scale bar is 300 μm. scanning electron microscopy at high magnification shows the porous surface of Skov-3 spheroids (right). Skov-3 spheroids show a very compact structure and no individual cells are visible. The inset in right figure shows complete spheroid.