Romila ManchandaAlicia Fernandez-FernandezTingjun LeiSupriya Srinivasan,

Yuan Tang,  Denny Carvajal,  Abhignyan NagesettiVinay Bhardwaj

Alejandro Amor, Ruchir Abhatt, Senait Debebe

Post-Doctoral Fellow Supervision:

  1. Romila Manchanda (W.H Coulter Young Inventor, 2007-2011). – Research Assistant Professor in BME at FIU.
  2. Joshy John, 2011-2012. Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry.
  3. Anil Kumar, M.D., Cardiology Fellow, University of Cincinnati, 1997-1998
  4. Abbe Rosenbaum, M.D., Cardiology Fellow, University of Cincinnati, 1996-1997
  5. Michael Meleca, M.D., Cardiology Fellow, University of Cincinnati, 1995-1996
  6. Daniel Lenihan, M.D., Cardiology Fellow, University of Cincinnati, 1994-1995
  7. Joseph Olonzo, M.D., Internal Medicine Resident, University of Cincinnati, 1994

PhD Student Major Advisor

  1. Jiali Wang, PhD, 2005-2009. Motion Correction Algorithm of Lung Tumors for Respiratory Gated PET Images (supported by AHA) – Medical Physicist at West Physics Consulting, LLC and is ABR (American Board of Radiology) certified
  2. Yuan Tang, PhD, 2005-2010. Image Guided Targeted Therapeutics for Cancer: Combined Hyperthermia and Chemotherapy. (Supported by FLDOH, awarded Outstanding CEC PhD Graduate spring 2010) – Assistant Professor, U of Toledo)
  3. Ruchir Bhatt, 2007-2012. A novel algorithm for PET tumor volume and activity quantification: Without specifying camera’s point spread function (PSF). (supported by NSF)- GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI
  4. Alicia Fernandez, PhD, 2006-2013. Design and Synthesis of anthracycline-peptide-conjugates targeted to nuclear DNA with less cardiotoxicity. (MBRS RISE fellowship, awarded Outstanding CEC PhD Graduate spring 2013, recognized as a World’s Ahead student at graduation) – Associate Professor Nova SE University
  5. Tingjun Lei. 2008-2013. Multifunctional nanoparticles and their therapeutic application in cancer therapy: In vitro cellular studies and cellular response after laser induced heating within the cancer cell. Biomedical Scientist Entopsis.
  6. Dharam Persaud. 2010-2013. An assessment of biodegradable and bioabsorbable materials for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms. (MBRS RISE fellowship) Received grant from American Aneurysm Foundation. Attending FIU Medical School starting fall 2013.
  7. Alejandro Amor-Coarasa 2010-2013. Microspheres for Selective Internal Radiation Treatment (Supported by NIH). Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  8. Supriya Srinivasan. 2009-2015. Development of a surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) based sensor for detection of apoptotic proteins for evaluation of therapeutic efficiency of drug loaded polymeric nanoparticles (Supported by DOD and NIH). Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Miami.
  9. Vinay Bhardwaj 2010-2016. Label-free whole-cell SERS biosensor for monitoring stress response to environmental toxins (supported by DOD). Scientist, Colgate-Palmolive Global Technology center.
  10. Abhignyan Nagesetti. 2009-2017. Optimization of drug distribution during the combination of hyperthermia and chemotherapy in an in vitro 3D tumor model: A study in multicellular spheroids (supported by Global Learning Initiative assistantship). Post-Doc under Sakhrat Khizroev in Electrical and Computer Engineering at FIU
  11. Senait Debebe 2011-2017. (Supported partly by NSF). Yttrium-90 SPECT/CT Quantitative Study and Comparison of Uptake with Pretreatment 99mTc-MAA SPECT/CT in Radiomicrosphere Therapy. Medical Physics Residency at Indiana University.

MS Student Major Advisor:

  1. Xuming Mao, MS (Thesis), 1999-2001. Interpolation Methods for Dynamic Imaging and Tracer Kinetic Modeling for Emission Tomography using Rotating Detectors. (Earned PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Texas, Health Science Center. Senior researcher, U of Pennsylvania)
  2. Min Zhou, MS (Thesis), 2000-2002. Image Processing and Tracer Kinetics Modeling for The Rotating PET Study of Cerebral Glucose Metabolism
  3. Danny Gonzalez, MS (Thesis), 2002-2004. Creation of a Novel Magnetic Drug Delivery Complex. (Pharmacovigilance Leader at Genentech).
  4. Michael Capille, MS (Thesis), 2003-2005. SPECT CBF Validation using Radioactive Microspsheres. (Systems Analyst ADT/Tyco)
  5. Jiali Wang, MS (Thesis), 2004-2005. Respiratory Gated PET for Lung Cancer Imaging. Device Development (Received PhD at FIU).
  6. Kealoha Young, MS (project), 2005-2006. A micro-fabricated in vivo bubble oxygenator for the treatment of induced severe pulmonary disease.
  7. Raquibul Chowdhury, MS (Thesis), 2005-2007. Image Guided Targeted Therapeutics for Cancer: Combined Hyperthermia and Chemotherapy. (Clinical Research Associate at New York Blood Center)
  8. Mohammed Goryawala, MS (Thesis), 2006-2007. Respiratory Gated PET for Lung Cancer Imaging. (PhD from FIU)
  9. Laura Causey, MS (Thesis), 2006-2008. A micro-fabricated in vivo bubble oxygenator for the treatment of induced severe pulmonary disease. (PhD from CCNY)
  10. Misael de Valle, MS (project), 2007-2008. Respiratory Gated PET Lung Phantom for Lung Cancer Imaging. (Georgetown School of Medicine)
  11. Karin Hsiao, MS (project), 2007-2008. Implant Retrieval Database Analysis.
  12. Rupak Dua, MS (Project), 2007-2008. To evaluate the use of electrical cell substrate impedance scanning system for investigating the cytotoxic effect of doxorubicin on ovarian cancerous cells (FIU PhD student)
  13. Abhignyan Nagesetti. MS (Project), 2007-2008. Design Strategy to Formulate Biodegradable Nanoparticles to entrap Fluorescent Drugs (PhD from FIU)
  14. Chetan Potdar. MS (project). 2007-2009. Spectrofluorometer based Optical Imaging System for fluorescence imaging of Molecular Fluorophores sodium fluorescein and Texas-Red conjugate dextran (Product Specialist — Transfusion at Terumopenpol Ltd).
  15. Segar Shah. MS (project) 2007-2009. To test the biocompatibility of Nitinol using endothelial cells and to investigate its cytotoxic effects
  16. Supriya Srinivasan. MS (project). 2007-2009. Preparation and characterization of doxorubicin loaded PLGA nanoparticles decorated with monoclonal antibodies for targeted chemotherapy of ovarian cancer. (Received PhD from FIU)
  17. Syed Kazmi. MS (project). 2007-2009. CCD camera imaging setup and in vivo hyperthermia (Assistant Process Engineer at BRR LTD. CO.)
  18. Duriem Calderin, MS (Thesis), 2008-2010. Modeling of Loose Contamination Scenarios to Predict the Amount of Contamination Removed. (Senior Nuclear Project Risk Specialist, PNNL)
  19. Dharam Persaud, MS (Project). 2009-2010. Nitinol Biomaterials: Topographical Analysis using Atomic Force Microscopy. (received PhD in BME at FIU and then MD at FIU)
  20. Denny Carvajal, MS (Thesis). 2010-2011. Understanding the role of bacteria isolated from the Hanford site soil on the fate and transport of uranium (Clinical Systems Manager, Mount Sinai Medical Center).
  21. Parija Gumaste, MS (Project). 2011-2012. Optical imaging of thyroid cancer.
  22. Paola M. Sepulveda, MS (Thesis). 2012-2014. Evaluation of bacterial dissolution of autunite. Senior Engineering at Stryker Medical Devices
  23. Jon Williams, MS (Thesis). 2020-present